Welcome To Bright Spanish!

As of December 2015, Bright Spanish has stopped providing free classes.

Giving Back

Instead of offering free Spanish classes, we and our partner, Spanish at Home, have decided to donate an educational book to a child in need for every book we sell. Learn more about the project here.

Angela and her family visit the Westfalia Orphanage

Many of our free online Spanish classes were recorded; these recordings are available with purchase of a book from Spanish at Home.


Private Lessons

Spanish at Home will also offer private Spanish tutoring, taught through Skype. Lessons will teach practical Latin American Spanish, and be personalized to your schedule and specific Spanish needs. Interested? Learn more or get in touch with us here.


We hope you will continue to support Bright Spanish, Spanish at Home, and now, the Westfalia Orphanage, which we will be donating to.

Hasta luego!
The Bright Spanish Team