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BrightSpanish.com is a webpage that offers FREE Spanish Classes over the internet!  

We are a group of professors presenting a different way of teaching and learning Spanish.

Instead of going to a class or trying to learn on your own, our courses are conducted over a live one-way video chat, in which the student can see the professor on the computer while learning in the privacy and comfort of their own home. We strive to make our classes resemble a traditional classroom as much as possible, and students can stay engaged and participate over their microphones, through the chat feature, and by answering pop-up multiple choice questions.

Beginning in February 2014, all of our free online classes will be sponsored by the publisher of our textbooks, Spanish at Home. Our classes are open to anybody and cost nothing to attend. However, to keep our classes at the highest quality, each course has a limited amount of seats, and we give priority placement to those students who have purchased the class material. Students who buy the book are guaranteed seats in any of our free online classes for one year.

We have three different class levels: beginner, beginner-intermediate, and intermediate. Each course lasts for 4 or 6 weeks, with 2 classes a week, lasting 45 minutes each. To learn about the class hours, click here.

We teach Latin American Spanish in our courses.

We hope that you enjoy our Spanish courses; we’ll see you soon!

The Bright Spanish Team


A Glimpse of One of Our Classes:

Class Screenshot

What are our classes like?

We’ve recorded part of one of our lessons, so you can take a look and see for yourself what being in a Bright Spanish class is like!

This is from the 5th lesson of our Beginner’s Spanish course, taught by our instructor, Nuha. (When Nuha addresses the students, she’s responding to the class live chat, which isn’t visible in the video.)

Come learn Spanish with us!