About Us


Nuha-smallNuha R. was born and raised in the U.S. but spent every childhood summer in Mexico City. She was raised in a bilingual household which helped her become completely bilingual and bicultural. Nuha has always loved teaching and finds it to be very rewarding. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a Marketing degree, she worked in the corporate world for a few years before receiving her teaching certification. Since then, she has taught students of many ages for many years as a Bilingual education and Spanish immersion teacher.


Stephanie-smallStephanie H.
was born in Mexico but moved to the United States at age 5 and grew up in Utah. She graduated with a degree in Spanish Teaching in 2012 from the University of Utah and has been teaching Spanish since. She taught the upper levels of Spanish 3-AP for two years at a Utah public high school. Now, Stephanie lives in Huntington Beach, CA and teaches at a 6-12 grade private school. Stephanie has been working with youth for a long time and is excited to teach online classes to adults with Bright Spanish. Stephanie loves the Spanish language and sharing it with others.


Anna R.
 was born in Russia, and though she moved to the United States as a young child, she grew up bilingual. Since then, she’s had a strong knack for foreign languages, and has studied Spanish and French. Anna graduated from college in 2011 with a degree in Creative Nonfiction Writing, and has since been working as a freelance writer and editor, as well as volunteering as a language tutor for both English and Spanish. Anna finds languages both useful and fascinating, and thinks Spanish is one of the most musical languages she’s ever heard.


Angela-y-Abril-smallAngela C. was born and raised in Peru, and moved to California in her twenties to attend college. Since being in America, she’s been working as a Spanish instructor and an accountant. Angela has over ten years’ experience teaching Spanish, both as a private tutor and as a contractor hired by corporations to teach their employees. As part of her work and out of her own personal interest, she’s done a lot of research into how people best learn Spanish, and how best to teach it. A passionate and talented teacher, Angela loves sharing her native language with others.