How Do You Say Selfie In Spanish?

Selfie in SpanishDo you take selfies? I know I do! And so do a lot of people, judging by our Facebook feed. The Oxford Dictionary even voted ‘selfie’ its Word of the Year in 2013. But how do you say ‘selfie’ in Spanish? A lot of Latinos just use the English word. But let’s see if we can come up with something of our own…

Selfie—the word is a short, cute version of “self-portrait.” So, how do we say self-portrait in Spanish?

self-portrait = autoretrato

And, so we have some more options, let’s think of a couple other words we could play with:

photograph/photo = fotografía/foto
oneself = uno mismo

So that’s what we’ve got to work with: some combination of auto, retrato, foto, and mismo. Here are some ideas:

or simply selfy

Autofoto sounds very appropriate for selfie, but in many countries, people just use the word ‘selfie’—except spelled differently, like selfi or selfy.

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