Our students love us for different reasons: the classes are convenient, the book we use is engaging, the instructors are friendly and knowledgable, and more. But don’t just take our word for it—here’s a sample of the testimonials we’ve received from happy students in the past. We hope that one day soon, you’ll be one of them!

“I have taken this course twice and each time I feel more enlightened. The instructor was great in how encourages interaction and participation. I loved the class.

I have told several people in my place of work about this program. It is an awesome program. I wish there was a course for children because my daughter would be ecstatic to do this course.”

—Carelle, Beginner II

“I have always wanted to learn Spanish. I found Bright Spanish where classes are done online. The classes are very interactive and you are given an opportunity to practice and experience a new language. Nuha our teacher is really great. I look forward to our classes. Thanks Bright Spanish”

—Eunice, Beginner

“I do love this class, the instructor is very friendly, explains in detail and mainly interacts with students in a positive way. Beka takes you slowly until you end up speaking Spanish using a simple and effective method. I would love to take more classes with her.”

—Marie, Beginner-Intermediate 

“I loved [the class], it was a very good experience. The instructor has the ability to teach adults and children at the same time. BTW I love her accent!”

—Cynthia, Beginner

“Angela was a very positive teacher that gave excellent encouragement and guidance to her students.
For myself, the beginner-intermediate class was too basic. Angela recognized that the class was a bit too easy for me and recommended I register for the Intermediate-Advanced class on May 20th & 22nd. I have done so and look forward to it!
The other students were very polite and friendly as well. We had a good time participating in the class with Angela!”

—Julie, Beginner-Intermediate


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